Introducing Medix

Personal Medical Case Management

AIA Australia has partnered with Medix, a global healthcare management company that provides world-class support to those dealing with a serious medical condition. As part of our relationship with AIA Australia, myOwn is offering its members access to greater health resources if they’re diagnosed with a serious medical condition.


Care for when you need it most

We understand that receiving a diagnosis of ill-health can be frightening, stressful and confusing. That’s why AIA Australia have partnered with Medix, which offers world-class Personal Medical Case Management through their network boasting:


Access Medix

Medix services are free of charge and are available to myOwn members who have a serious medical condition, hold a combined (hospital and extras) policy (excluding Basic and Basic Plus Hospital cover), and have been a member for 6 months or more.

To access Medix services please contact our team on 1300 300 338 or contact Medix directly on: 

03 9115 9808

Medix provides care when you need it most. Should you ever receive a worrying diagnosis Medix will be there to support you through your medical journey. As a myOwn member you’ll be appointed a local personal medical case manager, who will review your original diagnosis and any existing treatment plans in consultation with global leading specialists, to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan, designed to support you every step of the way. 

The Results

Source: Medix Internal Reporting (Global Average), current as at February 2020.

Medix' sole focus is providing you with access to the best personalised care for your treatment and recovery. It’s much more than just a second medical opinion.  

Personal Medical Case Management is all about the reassessment of the medical case, planning, coordination, implementation and on-going supervision, to ensure best quality care.

As a myOwn member you’ll be supported by your local personal medical case manager, a medical coordinator nurse and a 24/7 service centre. Your case manager will review your medical situation in detail, including any diagnosis or existing treatment plans. You will then receive a personal medical recommendation, based on the collective knowledge of an expansive network of leading local and international specialists; giving you peace of mind that you will receive the best medical advice. 

The process is simple

For myOwn members who have a hospital only or combined (hospital and extras) policy, (excluding Basic and Basic Plus Hospital products), and have been a member for 6 months or more are eligible.

For further information on eligibility please refer to the Medix Personal Medical Case Management Terms and Conditions.

Medix provides free support to eligible myOwn members for a broad range of illness types, including:

  • Cancer
  • Liver diseases
  • Kidney diseases
  • Chronic gastroenterological diseases
    experienced during a period of at least 90 days
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Neurological diseases and invasive
    procedures into the central or peripheral nervous system
  • On-going Orthopaedic diseases experienced
    during a period of at least 90 days
  • Elective invasive procedures following disease with the intent of treating a disease/medical condition and excluding diagnostic reasons
  • Haematological diseases
  • Rheumatologic diseases
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Ear, nose and throat (ENT) diseases and
    related invasive procedures
  • Immunological diseases
  • Pulmonary diseases
  • Infectious diseases experienced during a
    period of at least 7 days
  • Ocular diseases
  • Orphan diseases
  • Combined pathologies: several diseases requiring multidisciplinary treatment and, consequently, coordination between at least two specialists from different fields of expertise
  • Any medical problem that has required hospitalization or a medical problem that requires hospitalisation due to complications following a procedure or treatment, all lasting more than 3 consecutive days.
  • Paediatric patient whose case matches one of the following descriptions:
    • Elective surgery, i.e., a non-urgent procedure prescheduled following the recommendation of a specialist from a paediatric clinic (including outpatient clinics)
    • Chronic disease
    • Hereditary disease
    • Congenital anomaly
    • Developmental impairments following a period of at least 6 months of consultation and treatment at a paediatric development centre and consultation with at least two specialists in fields related to the medical problem.
  • Mental Health - limited to certain diagnosable mental disorders—health conditions characterized by alterations in thinking, mood, or behaviour associated with distress or impaired functioning.   Medix Australia will support patients struggling with their mental health who experience stress, loneliness, minor to mild depression, anxiety, relationship problems, death of a loved one, grief, various mood disorders. 
  • COVID-19, where the individual has been released from clinical setting (i.e. discharged from hospital) and has only mild or minimal symptoms.

For further information on eligibility please refer to the Medix Personal Medical Case Management Terms and Conditions.

All eligible myOwn members can access Medix services free of charge.

The Medix service does not cover the costs of any additional medical tests, consultations or treatments recommended by Medix. Many recommended tests, consultations or treatments may be covered by Medicare or Personal Private Health Insurance cover.

If you have a myOwn policy you may be covered for the recommended treatment, depending on your level of cover and if you have served the waiting period. You will need to follow the regular myOwn hospital claim procedures. 

Medix has no commercial incentive to change your diagnosis or treatment plan. Their sole focus is to ensure you have access to the best care and support you require during your medical journey. All services provided to you by Medix are treated as confidential.

Access to the AIA Medix Personal Medical Case Management Service does not form part of your insurance policy and your utilisation of this service is separate to any myOwn claims processes.  

myOwn is issued by AIA Health Insurance. AIA Health Insurance will not share your personal information with Medix unless you choose to access the service. If you choose to access the service, AIA Health Insurance will share with Medix only the personal information that is necessary to verify your identity and determine your eligibility for the service.  

Medix will never share your information with its doctors, or any other persons, including AIA Health Insurance, without your prior consent. Medix will handle, and will ensure that all medical practitioners involved in the provision of the Medix service handle, your personal information in accordance with Australian privacy laws.

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